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What a great way to spend time with loved ones when living in different places. Rent a house at a lake, take a few days off and catch up with each other. This is exactly what these guys did. Cousins got to play, grandparents got a cuddle and siblings got to goof around like they used to. Sometimes life gets busy with work, commitments and raising children. This is a great reminder that family is forever and we need to find time for each other. And if these faces look familiar you probably remember them from here. Aren’t these boys getting big?

Thank you guys for letting me capture this special time of togetherness. And here is your sneak peek.DSC_1802

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This week I got to hang out with these guys. Little baby sister and brother made my day! They were just too cute and smiling and happy. Thank you for letting me capture these precious moments and here is your sneak peek: