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These guys did awesome! Right after church and before nap-time, I got a hold of them and their beautiful mom. They smiled big and little sister was the happiest of all. Great job guys, enjoy your sneak peek.


This week I strolled around at the Garden Patch with these sweet guys. And with all the flowers around, I put the girls to work :).

Aren’t these sweet sisters precious?


You might remember this sweet family from here and here. We used to be neighbors and I have known them for a long time. I remember their oldest daughter barely crawling and play dates in our backyard. I remember yard sale fundraisers to bring their beautiful brown eyed daughter home from Africa. And this time, I got to meet their newest addition to the family. What a joy seeing them all together again. Somewhere I read: “Family is not defined by our genes…it’s built and maintained through love. ” So very true. Thank you guys for letting me capture these sweet moments and here is your sneak peek!


Today I had the privilege to attend a wedding again. Right here in my town, with my favorite Pastor and a beautiful wheat field as a backdrop. Susann and Devin said: “yes” in the midst of family and friends. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Butler, may the rain be showers of blessings and happiness to come.  And here is your sneak peek!


This week I got to capture this beautiful family. We strolled around on their property and everybody had a great time. The kiddos loved having their pics taken, while I got to chat along with them. Thank you guys for letting me do that. And just in time for Mother’s Day- here is your sneak peek.


Last weekend I got to capture this adorable family. Not just were they very much at ease in front of the camera, they also brought the coolest prop: a corvette . I never thought of using a car as a backdrop, but it definitely worked with these guys. They are always on the go, traveling the world and little Jack already knows how to check the tire pressure. I just love it!

Thank you guys for making it such a fun and creative shoot and here is your sneak peek!


Last week I got to stroll around with these guys. It was the perfect” Mommy and me” shoot, since grandma from California was in and I got to capture three generations of beautiful ladies. Thank you dad, for organizing everything. Enjoy your sneak peek.