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The countdown has started. Another school year is just around the corner and for this young man it’s the last one before going off to college. I remember it being a somewhat stressful time with upcoming decisions to make about where and what to study, living at home or going on your own…

So as I am working on these pics, I am praying for these youngsters. Praying for wisdom, for patience and an “open ear” for the  suggestions of us old folks. I am praying that they will see opportunities when they represent themselves and to know when to pass them.

And in the meantime. Have fun.

So here is your sneak peek, Ty. Hang in there. You’ve got this!DSC_6287


So I am totally digging those senior shoots lately. And I am really not sure what made me think guy seniors are somewhat difficult to photograph? None of that! This young man totally rolled with it. His mom (who seems to have this whole “raising boys” thing figured out) was totally fun and laid back and I hope I am going to be more like her when my boys get older. Leaning on rusty old trains-sure!

Needless to say, we had fun creating these images. Can’t wait to show you the rest! And here is your sneak peek!


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This week I got to photograph this young man who is a senior this year. We strolled around downtown Bowling Green, dodging some raindrops and Pokemon hunters :).  Ty did an awesome job going with the flow, and I even got to snatch a couple of pics of him and his girlfriend. So here is your class of 2016/17 sneak peek!


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I finally got to meet this sweet girl. If you have been following my blog, these faces look probably familiar to you and you might remember how much the oldest was waiting for this to happen: A baby sister! And here she is, sweet and pink and bow and named after her (great) grandmother.

So needless to say this crew is happy and proud, and I can’t wait for all the stories to tell, so stay tuned and here is your sneak peek!DSC_5943

…and between we did chores. 🙂


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This week I got to photograph this sweet family. I took their pics a couple of years ago and I can’t believe how big and handsome these boys are. They remind me of my own two, who seem to be into the same kind of stuff and would have had a blast hanging with these guys. So thanks for hanging in there on a hot summer evening and smiling big, even though building Legos or kicking balls would have been more fun…You guys did awesome!

And here is the sneak peek!


Yesterday I met with Stephanie and Matt right here in Smiths Grove for an “getting to know the couple /photographer ” interview. I am going to shoot their wedding in Fall and I think it’s important that both parties click with each other. Photographing a couple on the best day of their life means to me to know them- at least a little. So we took a few pics and chatted about their special day and needless to say I am excited about their wedding and the images we get to create. So stay tuned! DSC_5440

And check out this sign!!!!! Gotta love Photoshop 😉


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My sweet niece needs to be cheered up. She is probably laying in bed right now feeling squeeze after having her appendix removed yesterday. I never had my appendix removed and have no idea what would possibly make my day better…except looking at pictures possibly? That might work for me. So here sweet Haley is a sneak peek of your senior pics and some Florida favorites …Get better soon.  Auntie M.


Last week I got to photograph this sweet family. And as I am working on these pics, I am just grinning. This little guy was just the jolliest kiddo ever. According to mom he took a nap right before the shoot and I think I am going to request naps for all my clients and myself before each shoot. Maybe some other stuff won’t get done that day-but happy kiddos and parents are great ingredients for awesome pics.

So here is your sneak peek!



Last week I got to do another mini session with this sweet 18 month old. And I just loved it. This age group kiddos could care less about having their pics taken. You have a whole crew (mom, dad, sister) doing a dance behind your back just to get the little one to smile into the camera, but all she wants to do is climbing the bench or roll on the ground. And that’s perfectly NORMAL. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

The time will come when all these little girls are all about having their pics taken, spending hours in front of the mirror to perfect a pose. But now it’s time for being shy, or serious, or being curious about anything (just not that lady with the camera-lol). It’s the time for throwing rocks, picking flowers or jumping into puddles. And even though we moms want that big smile, we will look back one day and treasure just THIS moment in time.

So here is to all the mom’s of toddlers. It’s ok if they don’t smile and it’s ok if they are not sitting still. I promise: By the time we do senior pics, they will 🙂


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This week I got to photograph this sweet family. We strolled around a beautiful park near Lexington and got to chat and catch up. They are excited about the arrival of a new baby boy and  soon this little guy will be a big brother.

So hang in there guys. Raising boys is an adventure, just stock up on Band-Aids. And here is your sneak peek: