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…have a lemonade stand with delicious homemade lemonade and friends. What else is there to do?  There are all kinds of things happening in Oakland- Kentucky like coming through trains and runaway sheep…




….is a house where children are always welcome. It is a place with lots and lots of toys “downstairs and upstairs”. It’s a house with a never ending pizza, hotdog and chicken nugget supply and fun snacks- and there is never a fuss about spills. In a house like that, are grown- ups who care! They hug and tickle you and tell you “knock knock  jokes” all. day. long. 🙂 It’s a house were little ones are safe because there are rules and sometimes a “time-out” will help you see that.”A house like a park” has a super cool playground, a sandbox and millions of Lego pieces, a piano and lots of books.  And of course, a cat. In that house moms sit and chat, laugh and pray together, and children never want to leave . Just like a friend of mine’s boy described this house: ” A house like a Park…” is Sally and David’s house. Thank you guys for opening your home and hearts to so many children. You are blessing each one of them in more ways than I can possibly describe.