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When people ask me what I like about photography I could give a three hour answer. I love the technical aspect of it. The cameras and lenses -wonderful tools to enable you to create great images. There is also the “post- edit” part about photography. And as my oldest son always announces: “…my mom? She is sitting in Photoshop…” Lightroom and Photoshop will snatch my day away in no time. And even though I love spending the little free time I have on researching lenses and learning new things in post edit…nothing gets me as excited as creating a story in pictures.

So needless to say, I do not think I’ll ever have a studio or tons of back drops. Just bring your life, your family, your pet or your car along and do what you like to do. I am just there ;).  This month my focus will be on telling stories with fun cars. What comes to your mind when you think of a corvette?

DSC_3432       DSC_3462

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This week I got to spent a little while with this sweet family. I got to peek into their lives just a few hours after their new baby daughter was born, and I was reminded of how very special this time is. Seeing big sister kissing baby’s nose , getting a shot of mommy yawning after a long night, and watching a proud dad holding his tiny daughter on his knees is just priceless.

Eventually I just had to leave- cause I would have stayed forever. Thank you guys for letting me be part of that. Thank you for taking me back in time to when my boys were tiny and brand new. And CONGRATULATIONS to your beautiful baby daughter! She is precious.


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Yesterday I got to shoot some pics of this young man.  Caleb is a senior and I’ve known his family for a while now. WKU seemed just the right place for some shots of him and his folks. And isn’t he a handsome young man? Thank you guys for letting me take those pics and here is your sneak peek!

DSC_2827 copy