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This week I got to capture this sweet family. We started out in the backyard of their beautiful home and then got to play in a creek. These boys had a blast and so did I! Thank you Rowland family for purchasing a shoot as part of my Fundraiser . CD will be ready soon. And here is your sneak peek:)

DSC_2654 copy

These are our neighbor kids. And just by looking at them you can probably guess that my boys and these kiddos get totally along. There are always bikes to ride, balls to throw and tepees to built…..and yes now and then somebody cries, cause the wrestling got a little out of hand ;). But boys will be boys! And do not get fooled by their little sister: She can hold her own! (Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?)

A couple of Sunday’s ago I grabbed them after church and took a few shots…So here is the sneak peek:  DSC_1401 copyDSC_1315 copyDSC_1415 copyDSC_1412 copyDSC_1391edited copy


Last week I got to catch up with some friends of mine. When I first met them I was an exchange student at WKU and I remember Dana listening patiently to me as I was scamming through my German/English dictionary. Shawn and her were just engaged … and 15 years and two kids later, all is going well, as you can seeDSC_1971.

I was so happy being able to capture these moments for them. Looking forward to see you guys in Fall. CD is coming soon in the mail. And here is your sneak peek.

You might remember this family and their incredible journey.

I so enjoyed seeing them again and capturing these precious moments. And needless to say: The journey is continuing. Stay tuned for an upcoming shoot with a cute baby sister :).

Thank you Lara and Nathan for letting me do that. CD will be ready soon.DSC_1717