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Yesterday I met with Stephanie and Matt right here in Smiths Grove for an “getting to know the couple /photographer ” interview. I am going to shoot their wedding in Fall and I think it’s important that both parties click with each other. Photographing a couple on the best day of their life means to me to know them- at least a little. So we took a few pics and chatted about their special day and needless to say I am excited about their wedding and the images we get to create. So stay tuned! DSC_5440

And check out this sign!!!!! Gotta love Photoshop 😉


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Last weekend I got to take engagement pictures of my niece and her fiance. They both love hunting and have quiet a few trophies on their living room wall. So how many ways can you take ring pics with hunting props? You’re about to see :). So congratulation guys, and I am so excited about your upcoming wedding day. So stay tuned for their big day and here is the sneak peek!


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Yesterday I got to capture this sweet couple’s engagement pictures. I have known Lindsey for a while now and it was just such a joy to see the beautiful woman she has become and to meet her soon to be husband, Merritt. They are such a delightful couple. They strolled around on their parent’s farm, snuggled up under their keepsake family quilt and climbed over fences (just so I could get that shot). Thank you for letting me “freeze” those special moments. And congratulations, Lindsey and Merritt!  I wish you many happy years to come. Here is your sneak peek!   DSC_3730

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When people ask me what I like about photography I could give a three hour answer. I love the technical aspect of it. The cameras and lenses -wonderful tools to enable you to create great images. There is also the “post- edit” part about photography. And as my oldest son always announces: “…my mom? She is sitting in Photoshop…” Lightroom and Photoshop will snatch my day away in no time. And even though I love spending the little free time I have on researching lenses and learning new things in post edit…nothing gets me as excited as creating a story in pictures.

So needless to say, I do not think I’ll ever have a studio or tons of back drops. Just bring your life, your family, your pet or your car along and do what you like to do. I am just there ;).  This month my focus will be on telling stories with fun cars. What comes to your mind when you think of a corvette?

DSC_3432       DSC_3462

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