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This young man is a senior this year. So we strolled around on his family’s farm and I imagined how fun it must have been growing up there. There’s plenty to do, like driving tractors and four-wheelers and chasing cows. So maybe a future farmer in the making?

Thanks for letting me stroll along. And here is your sneak peek!



Today I got to photograph this sweet girl. She is a senior this year and loves Starbucks and football. So we strolled around at a local park and got to enjoy this beautiful Fall weather while creating these images. Isn’t she just gorgeous?


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Last week I got to photograph this fun senior. His personality and humor totally cracked me up during the shoot. He has three brothers and I would love to get them all in front of my lens sometime….no telling what they come up with. Needless to say these pics turned out totally awesome and reflect this young man’s creativity and personality. So this is class’ of 2016/2017 sneak peek!


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This week I got to hang out with this young man and his mom. Calvin is a senior this year and loves running. He has quite a collection of medals and ribbons that left my oldest in awe and reminded me of the races I used to run….

So thanks guys for hanging with me. Can’t wait to show you the rest of the pics. And here is your sneak peek:dsc_0622

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The countdown has started. Another school year is just around the corner and for this young man it’s the last one before going off to college. I remember it being a somewhat stressful time with upcoming decisions to make about where and what to study, living at home or going on your own…

So as I am working on these pics, I am praying for these youngsters. Praying for wisdom, for patience and an “open ear” for the  suggestions of us old folks. I am praying that they will see opportunities when they represent themselves and to know when to pass them.

And in the meantime. Have fun.

So here is your sneak peek, Ty. Hang in there. You’ve got this!DSC_6287


So I am totally digging those senior shoots lately. And I am really not sure what made me think guy seniors are somewhat difficult to photograph? None of that! This young man totally rolled with it. His mom (who seems to have this whole “raising boys” thing figured out) was totally fun and laid back and I hope I am going to be more like her when my boys get older. Leaning on rusty old trains-sure!

Needless to say, we had fun creating these images. Can’t wait to show you the rest! And here is your sneak peek!


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This week I got to photograph this young man who is a senior this year. We strolled around downtown Bowling Green, dodging some raindrops and Pokemon hunters :).  Ty did an awesome job going with the flow, and I even got to snatch a couple of pics of him and his girlfriend. So here is your class of 2016/17 sneak peek!


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My sweet niece needs to be cheered up. She is probably laying in bed right now feeling squeeze after having her appendix removed yesterday. I never had my appendix removed and have no idea what would possibly make my day better…except looking at pictures possibly? That might work for me. So here sweet Haley is a sneak peek of your senior pics and some Florida favorites …Get better soon.  Auntie M.


This week I got to shoot at WKU again. And as always that’s the place to photograph seniors. I was happy that these two guys had fun doing this and it made mom’s day. Well, there might was some “bribing” involved…I overheard “getting ice cream next”. Raising the most photographed boys ever, I wouldn’t know about that. Would I?  🙂

So I picture this being me, a few years down the road. With two handsome boys one already in college and the other one almost ready to “leave the nest”. And I am told it’s going to happen fast. So I am holding my almost “first grader” tighter and read one more time “Where the wild things are” and try not to forget and to embrace the time to come.

So this is a “thank you” to all the boys and young man who are putting on that shirt that mom likes best, getting that nice haircut and are willing to smile. For that one picture. In mom’s favorite frame. In mom’s heart.



Another gorgeous couple from this weekend’s prom. Aren’t they looking awesome?

The mermaid dress is such an eye catcher! Love it!DSC_9642

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