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I cannot stop humming this song from the Beatles. And that happens every year around this time. My boys and I have the tradition to pick strawberries every year and lot’s of them.


This time I ended up with Ben and a Pirate who did not pay for all the strawberries that got in the car…..I am always glad they don’t put you on the scale before and after the picking….:)

This weekend I had the honor to photograph a beautiful woman as a gift to her husband. These pictures will not go on my blog and I have great difficulty to express in words how much I have enjoyed this shoot. When Rina and I started  the “Celebrating Marriage” sessions she wrote a wonderful post on her blog (click here)

And I could not agree more.

Thank you A. for being brave, spontaneous, creative and just gorgeous. Your book will be ready soon.


This last week I did something totally new and out of my comfort box. I took on a shoot with 16 young girls in their softball outfits. And surprisingly it was absolutely fun! These girls are smart and funny and creative. Throwing themselves into the dirt just to get that ball or that picture…..:) Thank you beautiful Dragons. I learned a few things about softball and maybe I can capture you guys again during a game or prom (no throwing yourself into the dirt here,…except if you want a “trash the dress session”) I had a blast!Keep up the great work!

Photoshoots are always an adventure, when you sign up with me! But this  wonderful family did not mind. They brought Grandma and Grandpa along and I think it was worth stepping back into the car with muddy shoes to create this photo…..  DSC_8158(….and I am not going to mention the poison ivy).

Thank you guys for strolling around with me on this enchanted location and all the fun downtown afterwards. You guys rock!