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Last weekend I helped creating some images for Christmas cards. Just right in time before the “cold front” came in, I strolled around on the Christmas tree farm with these guys. And I just can’t help it. I want to Photoshop snow into every. single. picture! I love the cold and Winter. So let it snow!

This weekend I got to catch up with these guys. You might remember them from here and I can hardly believe how much baby Miller has grown in these few weeks. And apparently mom and dad have been busy too. Dad completed the upstairs part of the house and added a beautiful bedroom with sky window and everything, while mom is keeping everybody fed, clean and getting a preschooler completely potty trained. And in between they are having me over:)!

Ha, thank you guys for letting me capture these pics. Let’s do that again soon.



This morning I got to spend time with these guys. Little baby Tucker is just 2 weeks old and his big sister did such a great job snuggling with him. Thank you guys for letting me capture these sweet moments and congratulations to your new bundle of joy!  Enjoy your sneak peek.


This is my favorite season. I love the colors and cooler air and even though it looked a little gloomy outside, it was a great day for taking pics. If these sweet kiddos look familiar to you, you have probably seen them on my blog here before. They are getting so big and I can hardly believe that the littlest one is already walking. And didn’t mom do a great job dressing them?