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These two girls had a blast. What is more fun then getting to play in the leaves? Well, there might be a few things like drawing with chalk or reading some books…. Thank you guys for being spontaneous and hopefully we are going to get dad into a picture soon too.



Just in case I did not mention it yet: I love this season! I love this beautiful lighting. I could completely drop everything else right now and  take pictures all day long.

I was so happy to drag my friend Lori and her family along today . She enjoys taking pictures herself and if you can’t already tell, she’s got the color coordination totally figured out!  Everybody looked great and the kiddos did awesome. Thanks guys. CD will come soon!


This last weekend I captured this wonderful family. I have known mom for a year now and “oh boy” does she have her hands full 😉 These three boys are involved in all kinds of sports and the youngest is also home -schooled. I am glad they chose their backyard as the location. It has been their home for many years now and these pictures will freeze this time of their lives, with busy teenagers (almost off to college) in the most beautiful season of the year.

So here is your sneak peek, CD will come soon!



Yesterday I got to stroll around at this beautiful place. It is a perfect home for children, pets, cows, chicken, and  an excellent place for a photo- shoot. There is nothing prettier than open fields and wooden fences. And of course, if there happened to be a tractor…


Thank you guys for letting me do that!

I have been humming this song for a few days now and as I am working on these pictures, I am thinking about how to summarize this wedding.  The first thing I told my husband on my way home was: ” What a fun and laid back wedding. It reminded me of my folks back home. ”

The detailed decorations were mostly made by hand. The beautiful location by  the river seemed to be the perfect spot to start a new life.

When I met Holly a couple of weeks ago, she told me about the ups and downs of of her long-distance relationship with Todd (who is living and working in Delaware), and how they were both ready and excited to get their little family together. I am so happy that this day has come for them.

Congratulations Holly and Todd. I wish you both the best.

And just in case you want some background music while checking out your sneak peek: