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Last week I got to do a senior shoot at a farm. And I was super excited, when I realized that this young man was very much at ease in front of a camera. Before I even got around to suggest poses,  he had already put himself in different awesome positions and had great ideas that we in-cooperated. So, this is life of a senior. Horses, dogs, tractors and rifles. I think that is totally awesome. Way to go Daniel! Here is your sneak peek.

DSC_4731 copy

I very much enjoyed this weekends shoot with these sweet sisters. First of all – a new location! I love when I get to go to new places. Second- look at these beautiful ladies. How fun is that? They were so gorgeous and creative and fun…..I want a sister too. I have an awesome brother and really cool friends , but anyway…:)

Thank you girls for letting me capture these images, let’s do that again sometime. And here is your sneak peek!DSC_4222

I love photographing families with small children! And I think it’s because I am in the middle of raising two little boys myself. There is just a familiarity and connection that exists, because we are parents. To create a memory of a mom kissing her boy who just lost a tooth or a dad lifting up his daughter is so very enjoyable.  And recently I also made sure to get pictures of just husband and wife, since this is how it all began…

Family Photography Bowling Green, KY 5I enjoyed last weeks shoot Mathias family. CD is coming soon.

I have known this family for a while now and I can’t believe how big these boys are getting. Time is flying even too fast for the second oldest, since he explained to me -very convincing- that his older brother is going to middle school (I did the math, and he is not quite there yet):) I had a blast photographing these handsome and not photo-shy boys. Thank you also for purchasing this session as part of the ” Let’s make this happen” fundraiser. CD will be ready in a couple of weeks.  DSC_3807 copy