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Last week I got to photograph this fun senior. His personality and humor totally cracked me up during the shoot. He has three brothers and I would love to get them all in front of my lens sometime….no telling what they come up with. Needless to say these pics turned out totally awesome and reflect this young man’s creativity and personality. So this is class’ of 2016/2017 sneak peek!


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When I was little I spent many hours on my great grandma’s farm. There were cows to chase, apples to pick and boredom never an issue. Happy memories.

This little guy seems to be in for the same treat. I got to follow him and mom and dad around and was reminded of how much is going on when living on a farm.

A helping hand is always needed when catching the cow, fixing grandpa’s truck or finding eggs. And in between a cuddle with mom and dad. If that’s not time well spent, than I don’t know what is:).dsc_1320

This week I got to hang out with this young man and his mom. Calvin is a senior this year and loves running. He has quite a collection of medals and ribbons that left my oldest in awe and reminded me of the races I used to run….

So thanks guys for hanging with me. Can’t wait to show you the rest of the pics. And here is your sneak peek:dsc_0622

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During Fall break I got to photograph these guys. I have known them for a long time and if you want to stroll down memory lane with me check out this and this blog post.

And yes, these are the same kiddos. Where does the time go?

dsc_9882  Heart. Melt.


So here we are again, taking pics of one of my favorite families. And as I was getting ready for the shoot, packing my photography stuff, I did the math and left “birdie bird” my infamous puppet at home. There’s no need. The boys are getting big. No more silly puppets and candy as bribery for smiles. I guess that’s the way it is.

And aren’t these boys handsome? One of them catching up with mom in height soon? Maybe I am just a little sentimental this week, looking at all the balloons in my living room from my youngest’ birthday party….

But the good thing is: I can freeze time!

So here is your sneak peek guys!


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Last week I got to photograph a friend of mine who is expecting her second child. So we strolled around on a friend’s property and caught a couple of family pics and then got our feet wet in the creek. Isn’t she just a gorgeous mommy to be?  Looking forward to meet “little brother” soon. Until then enjoy your sneak peek.DSC_9835.jpg

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Last week I photographed these sweet guys. They bid on this session as part of the “Adoption in July” fundraiser, held by a couple of local families who have adopted and are in the process of adopting little ones from China. So while taking pics we chatted about our friend’s adoption journey and it’s obvious that many people in our community are making adoptions for families possible. There are plenty of ways to help: Like giving our time, skill or money . No one is useless. We all have resources.

So, while I got to meet new people, a little boy from China got united with a forever family and these guys got family pictures. Everyone wins! 🙂 And here is your sneak peek.