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I am not sure how other photographers feel, but I like this season. It’s the quiet time after a busy Fall with just a few photo sessions. It’s a great time to do online photography workshops and catch up on the newest things and tools in the photography world. In between researching Speedlights and light modifications (you all just wait…:), I edited a few pictures of these guys from last Fall. If the faces look familiar, you have seen them probably here. Thank you friends for waiting patiently, and here is your sneak peek;DSC_9850



I love Winter. As my grandmother “Omi” back in Germany used to say: “There’s no cold weather, just poor choices of clothing”… I am a firm believer in red cheeks, numb toes and snowball fights that possibly give you a black eye. And I am blessed beyond to have friends right here who feel the same (not sure about the black eye though). So here I go, posting some of my favorites of this Winter season. Just so my folks back home can see how we play in (let’s say five feet) of snow :).


As I am continuing to photograph the milestones of this little one, I am reminded how fast our babies grow. Baby Miller has changed so much since I saw her 4 weeks ago. She smiles and is talking in that sweet baby babbling and best of all: she is chubby. I love those little rolls. It reminds me of my oldest son who could have easily sat in for the Michelin man for tire commercials. So needless to say: I enjoyed every minute photographing these guys.

So here you go:

DSC_3990….last month dad rocked in that picture. But I think mom is totally blowing it away in this one!

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Yesterday I got to capture this sweet couple’s engagement pictures. I have known Lindsey for a while now and it was just such a joy to see the beautiful woman she has become and to meet her soon to be husband, Merritt. They are such a delightful couple. They strolled around on their parent’s farm, snuggled up under their keepsake family quilt and climbed over fences (just so I could get that shot). Thank you for letting me “freeze” those special moments. And congratulations, Lindsey and Merritt!  I wish you many happy years to come. Here is your sneak peek!   DSC_3730

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