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Last week I got to photograph these guys again. Rina and I have taken their family pics a few years ago. Since then, a few more grandchildren came along and Nana and Bob are ready to add more pictures to their walls.

The most precious pictures always happen when no one is looking. So here are some of my favorites…dsc_2640

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A couple of weekends ago, Rina and I photographed these folks. Grandma and grandpa, uncles, aunts and cousins came together to create some memories. I am so glad we got to meet you guys and here is your sneak peek:dsc_1495

Last week I got to photograph this fun crew. Nan and Pop had their house and hearts full with children and grandchildren visiting from the west coast and Europe where one daughter and her family serves the Lord in Missions. I have no doubt that there’s lots of catching up to do and hugs to give and not a moment wasted when spending time with those precious grandchildren. And watching  Nan chasing those fast little feet around, I realized aging is not going to happen when being a grandparent.

I am so glad I got to capture this “crowning glory of the aged” and hope to do this again soon. And here is your sneak peek.DSC_6572

This is Christmas card material! Nan almost had them all in the picture:)

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Last week I got to photograph a good friend’s family reunion. My friend’s aunts and grandmother came all the way from Florida and a uncle flew in from MA, so they could visit and celebrate Abuela’s 87 (!) birthday. Yes, it’s hard to believe. Doesn’t she look amazing?


Needless to say, there were lots of hugs and kisses, laughs and food. A great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I am so glad I got to be there.



I grew up in a big city in Germany. My childhood was filled with museum visits, ice skating at the park and choir competitions. And it was good. But my favorite memories I have of weekends and school breaks at grandma’s house. She had a barn, an orchard and fields filled with cows. Building forts, climbing trees and chasing cows with my cousin never got old.

I think these guys are in for the same adventure. Their grandparents just bought 30 acres with fields and woods and a creek. This is a place where you can skip pebbles and catch frogs. This is a place for pitching tents and roasting marshmallows. This is a place where memories are made.

Thank you guys for letting me hang out with you all. I had a blast!


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