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Today I got to hang out with these guys. I have met mom and one of her sons for graduation pics this year, and any mom who has successfully raised four boys I want to put on speed dial.

I couldn’t help wondering during the shoot on how many pairs of jeans they went through over the years. How many legos they have stepped on and how many x-rays, skinned knees and knocked out teeth they had to deal with?  (You know now what I am in the middle off…:)  Raising boys is definitely an adventure, and however they did it, they did it well. These young men seem well balanced, smart, handsome, kind and funny. Way to go mom and dad!  And here is your sneak peek!


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Wives were created to be gardens, places of beauty and rest, rich with the fragrance of ripening fruit and blooming flowers, cool with shade and bubbling springs, mysterious, exotic, delights to their husbands’ souls. If you’re married, then you are your husband’s garden…(Andrea Parunak, A Garden Enclosed: The Importance of Modesty… and Immodesty)

For these sessions Rina Marie Photography and I will be coming together as a team to create these beautiful images. The session will also include a high quality 8 x 8 heirloom album with the images of your choice.

None of these pictures will go on our blog or portfolio. They are only for one person to enjoy- a gift from a wife to her husband.


In between now and Valentine’s Day, we will offer this session (including the book) for $450. Limited availability. Please contact: or (27o) 451-5004

This is Max. I have known this four legged friend and his people for many years now and if he could talk, he would probably call it The Good Life. A life full of fetching sticks and balls, a life of chasing little feet on bicycles and running along his friend who just signed up for another race. A life where an accidentally left open front door was an invitation to explore the neighborhood. Where muddy feet, hairy rugs or bad breath would never outdo the wet kisses, wagging tails and cuddles on the couch.

I imagine his favorite spot is by the fireplace or the foot board of a bed. I imagine him anxiously waiting for the door knob to turn and his favorite people (now all grown) entering the room. Calling his name.



I love photographing families. And now and then I am getting really spoiled when holding a tiny little baby. This little guy -just a week old, is the cutest and with two older brothers the fun is just beginning. So sweetness overload here it comes: dsc_7011

This young man is a senior this year. So we strolled around on his family’s farm and I imagined how fun it must have been growing up there. There’s plenty to do, like driving tractors and four-wheelers and chasing cows. So maybe a future farmer in the making?

Thanks for letting me stroll along. And here is your sneak peek!