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Fall is a great time to get some family pics taken. The weather is nice and the lighting makes everything glow. These kiddos had a blast running through the field and dressing up for a goofy picture. And if some of these kiddos look familiar check out the last couple of blogs here and here– aren’t they getting so big?


I grew up in a big city in Germany. My childhood was filled with museum visits, ice skating at the park and choir competitions. And it was good. But my favorite memories I have of weekends and school breaks at grandma’s house. She had a barn, an orchard and fields filled with cows. Building forts, climbing trees and chasing cows with my cousin never got old.

I think these guys are in for the same adventure. Their grandparents just bought 30 acres with fields and woods and a creek. This is a place where you can skip pebbles and catch frogs. This is a place for pitching tents and roasting marshmallows. This is a place where memories are made.

Thank you guys for letting me hang out with you all. I had a blast!


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I have known this sweet little boy for a while now. And my favorite thing about him are his smiles which melt my heart. DSC_5677

Like every boy, swinging and jumping on trampolines are some of his favorite things to do. ¬†And he loves music! When he hears 80’s rock, he will dance like no one is watching! But I think the most favorite thing for him to do is riding horses. So this weekend I got to stroll around with him, his mom, and grandma at the riding stable. Even though these horses looked enormous to me, not once seemed this little guy to be intimated by them. And since he loves music so much it was fun to get a picture with him and dad’s guitar as well. Doesn’t he make an adorable cowboy?

Thanks guys for letting me come along. Can’t wait to show you the rest of them!

Last Saturday this sweet couple said “yes”. Even though the weather did not cooperate very much we were able to take a few pics outside on the WKU campus and then moved into the beautiful Faculty building for the ceremony. Amanda and Brian are WKU sweethearts and are now starting their new lives as husband and wife. Congratulations to both of you and here is your sneak peek!