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This week I got to shoot away in this family’s cool backyard. They’ve got it all. The free-range chickens, the vegetable garden and the play-set. And in between, shady places to take pictures.

And yes, my favorite season is approaching. And “the lighting is beautiful” was all this family got to hear from me. I also meant to say that you guys looked great! I loved the matching outfits. And of course did I get carried away with the girls again….

Thank you guys for letting me create these memories for you. I hope we get to do this again soon.


Thanks to my husband’s lovely family we got to stay for a week in Ft. Meyers, Florida.  Blue skies, sandy white beaches, exotic wildlife and vegetation and happy people are any photographers dream. So next time you take your family to the beach make sure you take your photographer (preferable me) with you ! 🙂 Thank you Amy and RV for a wonderful week.


Boys are fun! I know. I’ve got two of them. They are busy, creative, always in action. But whenever I “get a hold” of a girl, I am getting carried away. The pink and purple, the flying hair and cute clothes,…. always get me. By the end of the photo shoot I have about 50 pictures of  sweet  Shiloh, Charlotte, Anya,…  – and three really good ones of the brother(s).  To all the boys who are wondering where all the pictures are: I am trying to better myself. I promise!  Cause boys rock!DSC_1962