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Today I got to shoot my favorite Wedding Venue here in Smiths Grove. Elkins Grove is a beautiful location to say “yes” too. Complete with a pond and a barn in the middle of fields. So if you are planning to get married in 2017, check them out! ¬† . You can also find them on FB.


And the magic behind these beautiful details….? These 3 ladies! (I am convinced they do not “get” their ideas from Pinterest. They put them up there ūüėȬ†dsc_8113

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This is Max. I have known this four legged friend and his people for many years now and if he could talk, he would probably call it The Good Life. A life full of fetching sticks and balls, a life of chasing little feet on bicycles and running along his friend who just signed up for another race. A life where an accidentally left open front door was an invitation to explore the neighborhood. Where muddy feet, hairy rugs or bad breath would never outdo the wet kisses, wagging tails and cuddles on the couch.

I imagine his favorite spot is by the fireplace or the foot board of a bed. I imagine him anxiously waiting for the door knob to turn and his favorite people (now all grown) entering the room. Calling his name.



Last week I got to photograph these guys again. Rina and I have taken their family pics a few years ago. Since then, a few more grandchildren came along and Nana and Bob are ready to add more pictures to their walls.

The most precious pictures always happen when no one is looking. So here are some of my favorites…dsc_2640

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A couple of weekends ago, Rina and I photographed these folks. Grandma and grandpa, uncles, aunts and cousins came together to create some memories. I am so glad we got to meet you guys and here is your sneak peek:dsc_1495

This week I got to hang out with this young man and his mom. Calvin is a senior this year and loves running. He has quite a collection of medals and ribbons that left my oldest in awe and reminded me of the races I used to run….

So thanks guys for hanging with me. Can’t wait to show you the rest of the pics. And here is your sneak peek:dsc_0622

So what do you run for?  Contact: and I will tell your story!


Last week I got to photograph a friend of mine who is expecting her second child. So we strolled around on a friend’s property and caught a couple of family pics and then got our feet wet in the creek. Isn’t she just a gorgeous mommy to be? ¬†Looking forward to meet “little brother” soon. Until then enjoy your sneak peek.DSC_9835.jpg

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So I am totally digging those senior shoots lately. And I am really not sure what made me think guy seniors are somewhat difficult to photograph? None of that! This young man totally rolled with it. His mom (who seems to have this whole “raising boys” thing figured out) was totally fun and laid back and I hope I am going to be more like her when my boys get older. Leaning on rusty old trains-sure!

Needless to say, we had fun creating these images. Can’t wait to show you the rest! And here is your sneak peek!


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Yesterday I met with Stephanie and Matt right here in Smiths Grove for an “getting to know the couple /photographer ” interview. I am going to shoot their wedding in Fall and I think it’s important that both parties click with each other.¬†Photographing a couple on the best day of their life means to me to know them- at least a little. So we took a few pics and chatted about their special day and needless to say I am excited about their wedding and the images we get to create. So stay tuned!¬†DSC_5440

And check out this sign!!!!! Gotta love Photoshop ūüėČ


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This handsome young man is graduating high school. His mom (a friend of mine) is in denial and called me for last minute pictures, and I smiled. Cause I am there too.

Time flies. Our babies grow and suddenly start school. I am soon not going to have a Kindergartner anymore! My friend is sending her oldest off to college. And it probably seems just like yesterday when he had lost his first tooth.

But it is supposed to be that way and it’s perfect. This young man has clearly a good head on his shoulder. He is smart, works hard and has a plan on where he wants to go in life. Mom and dad have done well.

So, let’s give them roots and wings and treasure every moment in between.

Congrats Sam! I wish you the best on your new journey.


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Sweet baby Miller is already 6 month old and sitting up. And big sis is 4 today. Big milestones for these sweet girls. And mom probably thinks: “Where has the time gone?”:)


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