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This is Max. I have known this four legged friend and his people for many years now and if he could talk, he would probably call it The Good Life. A life full of fetching sticks and balls, a life of chasing little feet on bicycles and running along his friend who just signed up for another race. A life where an accidentally left open front door was an invitation to explore the neighborhood. Where muddy feet, hairy rugs or bad breath would never outdo the wet kisses, wagging tails and cuddles on the couch.

I imagine his favorite spot is by the fireplace or the foot board of a bed. I imagine him anxiously waiting for the door knob to turn and his favorite people (now all grown) entering the room. Calling his name.




Last Saturday I got to hang out with these sweet guys. We explored the trails of Lost River Cave while pulling the little ones along in the wagon. And just to say: Moms and dads of toddlers and preschoolers are heroes in my book. I remember it well. The diaper bags, the constant watching of those “independent”, unsteady feet, the tantrums. I remember days without showers, cause I never got that minute.

But I also remember this:dsc_1838

Sweet snuggles and hugs and sticky kisses.

Thank you for letting me come along and capture this season in you all’s  life.  Your family is precious!

And here is your sneak peek!




Last week I got to photograph a friend of mine who is expecting her second child. So we strolled around on a friend’s property and caught a couple of family pics and then got our feet wet in the creek. Isn’t she just a gorgeous mommy to be?  Looking forward to meet “little brother” soon. Until then enjoy your sneak peek.DSC_9835.jpg

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Last Friday Rina and I got to take a few shots of this sweet family’s new bundle of Joy. And as always it’s a miracle holding a tiny human being, wonderfully made. I am excited to watch this sweet little boy grow, along with big brother. And to hear their stories. There will be many.

But for right now. Just so we don’t forget. This is week one…


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Yes, I’ve got to blog about this! I’ve got to shout it out! This weekend my little guy and two of his closest friends got baptized. In a creek at a friend’s place that has been a backdrop to so many fun events and shoots over the last couple of years ( check out this one).

And my heart is full with joy about my son’s decision and the friends that witnessed along. I am grateful for the people in our lives who love Jesus and I am excited to see what His plan is for our sons and daughters.

….For the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.


Last week I got to photograph this fun crew. Nan and Pop had their house and hearts full with children and grandchildren visiting from the west coast and Europe where one daughter and her family serves the Lord in Missions. I have no doubt that there’s lots of catching up to do and hugs to give and not a moment wasted when spending time with those precious grandchildren. And watching  Nan chasing those fast little feet around, I realized aging is not going to happen when being a grandparent.

I am so glad I got to capture this “crowning glory of the aged” and hope to do this again soon. And here is your sneak peek.DSC_6572

This is Christmas card material! Nan almost had them all in the picture:)

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The countdown has started. Another school year is just around the corner and for this young man it’s the last one before going off to college. I remember it being a somewhat stressful time with upcoming decisions to make about where and what to study, living at home or going on your own…

So as I am working on these pics, I am praying for these youngsters. Praying for wisdom, for patience and an “open ear” for the  suggestions of us old folks. I am praying that they will see opportunities when they represent themselves and to know when to pass them.

And in the meantime. Have fun.

So here is your sneak peek, Ty. Hang in there. You’ve got this!DSC_6287


So I am totally digging those senior shoots lately. And I am really not sure what made me think guy seniors are somewhat difficult to photograph? None of that! This young man totally rolled with it. His mom (who seems to have this whole “raising boys” thing figured out) was totally fun and laid back and I hope I am going to be more like her when my boys get older. Leaning on rusty old trains-sure!

Needless to say, we had fun creating these images. Can’t wait to show you the rest! And here is your sneak peek!


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This week I got to photograph this young man who is a senior this year. We strolled around downtown Bowling Green, dodging some raindrops and Pokemon hunters :).  Ty did an awesome job going with the flow, and I even got to snatch a couple of pics of him and his girlfriend. So here is your class of 2016/17 sneak peek!


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I finally got to meet this sweet girl. If you have been following my blog, these faces look probably familiar to you and you might remember how much the oldest was waiting for this to happen: A baby sister! And here she is, sweet and pink and bow and named after her (great) grandmother.

So needless to say this crew is happy and proud, and I can’t wait for all the stories to tell, so stay tuned and here is your sneak peek!DSC_5943

…and between we did chores. 🙂


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