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Wives were created to be gardens, places of beauty and rest, rich with the fragrance of ripening fruit and blooming flowers, cool with shade and bubbling springs, mysterious, exotic, delights to their husbands’ souls. If you’re married, then you are your husband’s garden…(Andrea Parunak, A Garden Enclosed: The Importance of Modesty… and Immodesty)

For these sessions Rina Marie Photography and I will be coming together as a team to create these beautiful images. The session will also include a high quality 8 x 8 heirloom album with the images of your choice.

None of these pictures will go on our blog or portfolio. They are only for one person to enjoy- a gift from a wife to her husband.


In between now and Valentine’s Day, we will offer this session (including the book) for $450. Limited availability. Please contact: or (27o) 451-5004


I love photographing families. And now and then I am getting really spoiled when holding a tiny little baby. This little guy -just a week old, is the cutest and with two older brothers the fun is just beginning. So sweetness overload here it comes: dsc_7011

This young man is a senior this year. So we strolled around on his family’s farm and I imagined how fun it must have been growing up there. There’s plenty to do, like driving tractors and four-wheelers and chasing cows. So maybe a future farmer in the making?

Thanks for letting me stroll along. And here is your sneak peek!



A few month ago I took some pictures of this little guy. He was just a week old. Fast forward 12 weeks and I can hardly believe how big he has gotten! And how I love those baby rolls. Christmas card material for sure!


…I’ll like you for always. As long as I am living my baby you’ll be.” These are the words of a song in a well known children’s book that I have read many times to my own sons. And it seems a well fitted title for long awaited blog post.

You might remember these guys. Yes! My folks. My crew. My back-up plan. The kind of people you can call at 3 am to pick you up from anywhere while it’s snowing…. 🙂

Well, they have a wonderful story to tell. With a happy ending and all. So here in my sister-in-law’s own words…

It is really hard to put into words all the emotions that I have had over the past week. I want to share this though in case there is another girl out there that might be facing the same thing. 32 years ago, I made the most difficult decision I have ever made in my life. At the age of 16 I learned I was pregnant. No this most certainly wasn’t the ideal situation, as no one wants to ever deal with that. I was very involved in my high school and in the 80’s, when something like this happened, it was discussed and people had a great deal of things to say, most of which were pretty cruel. So, I left Bowling Green and went to live in Louisville in a home for unwed mothers through Catholic Charities. (Catholic Charities does a great deal of awesome things and adoption is one of them.) I was there for about 5 months. While living there, we were required to have counseling on a weekly basis, which I hated at first, but ended up being the best thing I could have done because it enabled me to make the very best decision possible. All along, I knew my sweet child needed to be with a mother and a father if at all possible, so I knew adoption would be best for him. There was no way I could care for my child the way he deserved. I only had a summer job at the time and how was I going to provide for him. When he was born, although I knew what was best for him, actually seeing him, holding him, feeding him, etc, it made the decision much harder than I could have ever imagined. I had my precious son for three very precious days and my mom and I made a lot pictures. In the end though, I knew that what was best for him was to let him go. I was able to give him a letter and a small gift that I was told he would receive when he was 18. The only thing I knew about the family he was going to was that they had a home in Louisville and that they had a daughter, that was also adopted, that was almost 5 when they got him. I was also told that I could keep my information updated with Catholic Charities and if he ever wanted to find me, he could. I have always been at peace with my decision and of course I always hoped he would find me, but if for some reason he didn’t, that was ok too because I knew, in the end, I did what was best for him. So last Saturday I received a letter from Catholic Charities that he was looking for me. What a complete shock for me and my family! Although, Rv and my sweet girls have always known about this, we just never thought this day would come. From that moment on, there has been every emotion there is and more! I got the pleasure of meeting Alan’s parents and what a truly amazing couple they are! I have spent some very special time with them sharing pictures and stories. I always knew God would take care of him, but he truly couldn’t have given him better parents! Our whole family has welcomed him with open arms and it has been way more than I could have ever hoped for.

Again I wanted to share this because there are so many couples that are unable to have children but have so much love to give. My hope is that if there is someone out there struggling with this very thing, that they will consider this. No not all adoptions are like this one. There are so many options including open adoptions. For those that have been adopted and have found or wanting to find their parents, if you are able to connect, for whatever reason, know that you are very, very special and loved and that is why you are where you are.

Thank you to each and everyone of you that posted, text and/or commented on our pictures. The support has been overwhelming and very humbling. God Bless to all!”


Every family has a story. Let me tell yours. For more information check out:






Last weekend I got to finally visit a friend of mine’s place. She lives way out there with kiddos and horses, dogs and chickens. I slightly remember hearing a goat too….? So somehow I caught myself humming tunes from”the sound of music” while strolling around with this crew…:)  and here are some of my favorites:dsc_3484


Today I got to photograph this sweet girl. She is a senior this year and loves Starbucks and football. So we strolled around at a local park and got to enjoy this beautiful Fall weather while creating these images. Isn’t she just gorgeous?


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This week I got to photograph these guys again. I have taken pics of them for many years now and remember the 5 youngest ones as babies. So whenever I get to see them I feel like an extended aunt who get’s to visit twice a year and hear all about the lost tooth, the dance and guitar lessons and newest toys. And when then kids hop into my car, announcing they want to go home with me: I am just completely happy and convinced I am doing something right. Just love these guys.dsc_2285

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Last week I got to photograph this fun senior. His personality and humor totally cracked me up during the shoot. He has three brothers and I would love to get them all in front of my lens sometime….no telling what they come up with. Needless to say these pics turned out totally awesome and reflect this young man’s creativity and personality. So this is class’ of 2016/2017 sneak peek!


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When I was little I spent many hours on my great grandma’s farm. There were cows to chase, apples to pick and boredom never an issue. Happy memories.

This little guy seems to be in for the same treat. I got to follow him and mom and dad around and was reminded of how much is going on when living on a farm.

A helping hand is always needed when catching the cow, fixing grandpa’s truck or finding eggs. And in between a cuddle with mom and dad. If that’s not time well spent, than I don’t know what is:).dsc_1320